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Điểm nổi bật
  • See the beauty of the Yangmingshan National Park in spring, summer, autumn, or winter

  • Discover the volcanic geography of the Siaoyoukeng and Lengshueikeng recreation areas

  • Enjoy a relaxing foot bath experience in a hot spring

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Yangmingshan National Park and Hot Spring Tour

Explore the Yangmingshan National Park and have a hot spring foot bath experience on this four-hour tour. Return Taipei city centre hotel transfers, English-speaking guide, admission fees, and insurance included

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On this half-day tour, you will be taken to the Yangmingshan National Park located in the northern mountainous area of Taipei. It is known for its picturesque views, abundant natural resources, and traces of volcanic activities. You will also see the Flower Clock, where water flows and music is played every hour. Head next to the recreation areas of Siaoyoukeng and Lengshueikeng before ending the tour with a hot spring foot bath experience.

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