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  • Meet the Wedge-tailed Eagle, the star of the desert and Australia's largest bird of prey

  • Observe the resident dingoes up-close and learn about their complex history on daily tasks

  • See Australia's iconic Red Kangaroo up-close as you walk amongst their natural environment

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Get access to the three desert botanical habitats of the Alice Springs Desert Park, namely Sand Country, Woodland, and Desert Rivers.

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Opened in 1977, the Alice Springs Desert Park covers 1,300 hectares of land and located seven kilometres from the town centre. The park is also home to birds, reptiles, and mammals of Central Australia. Visit the three recreated desert habitats on a walking trail and see the animals from their natural environment. Meet the birds, emus, kangaroos, and dingoes up-close or watch a free-flying bird show in the natural theatre to see the endangered animals inside their nocturnal house.

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